7 day ayurvedic holistic treatment package
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7 day ayurvedic holistic treatment package

The 7-day ayurvedic holistic treatment at our Sanskriti Spa, which offers ayurvedic treatments in an authentic holistic environment, is best suited for your health problems. This is a seven-day package. There will be a massage section for the first 3 days, followed by a yoga meditation section in the morning, followed by a full body massage and then regular resort activists. From the 4th day onwards Shirodhara and Kizhi will start. The last day, it's the day for relaxation and there will be regular resort activities such as temple visits and wild safaris, which are the major attractions of the resort


As the first step in all our packages, our resident doctor conducts a comprehensive assessment of your health. At this stage, we are trying to evaluate your entire history of health and fully understand you as an individual. In this they will determine your anatomy; It assesses the balance of your doshas, the health of your dhatus (tissues), the strength of your Agni (digestive fire) as well as your Ojas (immunity) and Sattva (mental harmony). Here, part of it is to ask you questions about your lifestyle, diet, personal and professional life, as well as your medical history and current issues. Thus, knowing your energy level and mood will affect people's ability to recover well


During the Ayurvedic diagnosis phase, the doctor will prescribe a number of treatments aimed at alleviating the ailments in your body and strengthening the minerals (tissues). Here, the doctor and therapist select specific medications, oil and substances that will alleviate your relevent damage and apply them directly to the body. Kuruva Island Resort and Spa Menu Describe the list of treatments prescribed by your doctor epending on your Ayurvedic diagnosis.


A healthy and balanced diet is considered to be the foundation of health, strength and happiness for the mind and body. In short, the food you eat has healing powers. You can enjoy food prepared according to the principles of Ayurveda, an ancient medical system from India. It is based entirely on the balance of nature and our relationship with those around us and with ourselves. Here, we design your diet based on the 8 guidelines and package you choose - ORIGIN, timing, quality, combination, quantity, prepara­ tion and your surroundings. The recipes will be taught to you by our chefs. Thus, the Ayurvedic lifestyle can be continued at home as well.


Ancient Indian texts mention that yoga and Ayurveda are intertwined as fraternal sciences. It says that proper yoga can help improve the physical and mental health of people with all ailments. On the one hand, Ayurveda revives the body while on the other hand, yoga deals with the purification of the mind and consciousness. Thus, they complement and embrace each other. During each asana in yoga, one should try to achieve a posture, breathing control and rest at the same time. The uniqueness of the yoga class­ es at the resort is that it goes hand in hand with the principles of Ayurveda to teach you the three things of Pranayama, Asanas and Savasana.


Most importantly, our entire aim through each of the ayurveda packages is to ultimately bring peace and balance to your minds. According to Ayurvedic and Yogic scriptures, the mind is a subtle energy field and is continuously reacting to the information we receive from our physical senses. The three gunas - Sotto, Rajas and Tamas - are the three energies of the mind. Sattva is the energy of harmony and c arity, Rajas is that of move­ ment and agitation and Tamas is that of inertia and contradiction. Our goal through Ayurvedic therapies, food and yoga is to make sattva the predominant guna of your mind. Our friendly staff, organized excursions, open walkways & many hidden nooks around the property makes it the perfect place for you to self-reflect and imbibe positive thinking into a part of your healing journey.