Experience with us

What makes a day different from another? Sun rises and sets on time, the wind blows and the rivers flow as they have for thousands of years. It’s the experiences and knowledge we pick up along the way that make all the difference. At Kuruva Island Resort & Spa, we strive to give you the best resort stay experience in Wayanad, with a little help from the following,

Fresh mornings

Unlike in a city, jungle mornings are pleasantly quiet and refreshing. You are ready to go out and conquer the world after a good night’s sleep.

Tranquil afternoons

When the sun has passed its highest point in the sky, the atmosphere around nature resorts in Wayanad starts becoming calm and peaceful.

Jungle nights

You can listen to the wild howls and roars during the night at resorts near Kabini. It’s at night they go to drink water from the Kabini river.

Local culture

Wayanad has a rich tribal culture that has existed there for thousands of years. It’s believed that the early humans settled in Wayanad around 8000 years back.

Pure environment

We are one of the best eco-friendly resorts in Wayanad. We have clean air, water, and soil combined with absolutely no sound pollution on Kuruva island.


You need challenges to get the adrenaline flowing. And that is exactly what awaits you in Wayanad. Trekking, wildlife safari, and ziplining are only a few of the adventures you can try with us.