Things to do in Wayanad

Getting to know the strange and fascinating nature of this place is one of the best experiences you can get in Wayanad. The lush green landscape, the fog hanging on the lawn and the cries of birds and wildlife give you a whole new experience every time. Yes, these tropical forests will give you a different experience with each visit.

Always choose Kuruva Island Resort to enjoy this heavenly beauty of nature. As one of the best-known jungle resorts in Wayanad, we will do our best to provide guests with accommodation and refreshments throughout their stay and promise a refreshing atmosphere throughout the resort. We make sure every moment that we do everything we can to make our guests happy and entertained in the best possible way.

Kurumbalakkota Hill

16.2 miles / 26 km from the resort

Kurumbalakotta is a monolithic hill in Kerala, situated at an elevation of 991 m (3251.31234 ft) above sea level. It is located in the central part of Wayanad and part of the Deccan Plateau at the confluence of the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats.

Nagarhole Wildlife Safari

47.2 km from the resort

Nagarahole is a must-visit national park for wildlife lovers and photographers, which covers an area of ​​847.981 sq km and stretches across Mysore and Kodagu. This national park is also known as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park and is an important wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka.

Jeep Trucking

21.8 miles / 35 km from the resort

Wayanad Forest is a beautiful way to show off the wildlife and experience the complete adventure of jeep trekking through the forest. Kuruva Island Resort offers you the opportunity to enjoy the vast beauty of Wayanad with its wildlife and lush greenery and wilderness through a captivating safari.

Mountain Climbing

6.11 miles / 9.83 km from the resort

Trekking to the mountains on foot provides a refreshing experience for the mind and body. Wayanad is a hilly region that shows the way to stay excited like a kid. One thing to note is that Wayanad Trekking gives trekkers a choice according to the valour they want to put in. Free your mind by experiencing the charm of heights.

Zipline Adventure

1.24 miles / 2 km from the resort

Creates the best zipline experience for exploring Wayanad in the best way possible. It offers beautiful views of the greenery of Wayanad. Visiting Wayanad can refresh the mind through this adventure program. So, always push yourself beyond your limits.

River Rafting

1.24 mi / 2 km from the Resort

It's a high-adrenaline sport of navigating a river in an inflatable raft. River rafting is a slight adventurous programme that promises a memorable experience for all travellers and adventurers. It gives you a mind-blowing time to get rejuvenated within the Kuruva, which is a beautiful place that adds up beauty to make Wayanad enchanting.

Bird Watching

16.8 mi / 27 km from the Resort

Getting a peaceful mind by hiking through the evergreen forest of the iconic Pakshipathalam national park watching variety of birds and listening to their sweet voices.