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7 September 2023

Items to bring on a trip to Wayanad  

Let it be a vacation trip with your family to a resort near Kabini or a romantic weekend with your better half in a couple-friendly resort in Wayanad, just stay cool and continue reading for the complete list of items you will have to carry.

Outfits for the jungle/trek

On a trek or a jungle safari, it is important to pack the wardrobe that is best for the function. The focus is on utility rather than fashion. Your outfits on such a trip should be comfortable preferably made of cotton. These clothes should give your body enough freedom to move with agility. Also, they should stay in place without any adjustments from your side during the trip.

Trekking shoes

These are your life savers in a jungle safari. We cannot always control what we step on in a forest. They help you avoid injuries from different sources like sharp rocks, leeches, poisonous snakes, thorns, etc. There is also a risk of your feet getting worn from long treks.

Camera and accessories

What good is a trip without a good camera? Whether you are a mature or an expert photographer, it’s always better to bring your camera to a trip so that you can capture and cherish the best moments of the trip. With a camera of your own, you don’t need to pay extra money for a photographer at tourist destinations. Plus, you can develop your skills in photography.

Mosquito repellant

It is a must-have item in any of your travels. It comes in the form of a cream or liquid which can be applied to the skin. Mosquitoes keep away from someone who has applied them. By keeping mosquitoes away, you can escape from many diseases that can adversely affect your quality of life in the long term.


A flashlight is one of the most basic tools for travel. A bright flashlight that lasts longer is a necessary item for campers and trekkers who needs to stay out in the wilderness during the night. Flashlights are also useful for medium-distance communication in the dark to draw attention by giving signals to your friends.


This may be the most obvious item on this list. Most hiking trails feature enchanting views that stretch to the horizon. You need a binocular to fully enjoy that scenic beauty without losing the captivating effect. Binoculars are also useful for seeing the obstacles and dangers that may be waiting ahead the way.

Camping gear

Camping in the wild for a night is the best way to step up the level of adventure in your trip. Bring items like a tent, folding stool, hammocks, portable stove and gas cylinder, and the necessary items to make a quick dinner in your jungle camp.

In a nutshell, the items you require for a trip may completely vary from another trip. Even if you are planning to visit the same nature resort in Wayanad you have stayed with before, activities on your list may vary from the last time. Thus, demanding a completely new set of tools and accessories. So, you need to map out the different adventures you are planning to take up on each leisure trip, which will help you to prepare a precise list of items needed. Please follow us on social media and share with us your experiences on selecting the items from vacation. Have an adventurous vacation!