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7 September 2023

Luxury resorts in Wayanad that implement traditional village living culture

Several top resorts in Wayanad try to recreate this experience for tourists. They help you feel the peace and tranquility of the village lifestyle, just like our ancestors used to. Some nature resorts in Wayanad give you a taste of the traditional village living culture. Let’s see the factors that distinguish such resorts from their competitors,

Serene location

What comes to your mind when you think of a village? Nature, small houses, an agrarian lifestyle, and closely knit communities right? Wayanad is a place where you can find all of these. The resorts that offer a traditional village living culture are keen to pick the locations which are blessed with the most exquisite natural beauty.

Ayurvedic spa package

Ayurveda is the result of a knowledge accumulation process that happened across the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years. Kerala and Wayanad in particular being a hotspot of ayurvedic wellness treatments, the luxury resorts in Wayanad have carefully thought out ayurvedic packages for any health issue you may be suffering from.

Perfect village cuisine

The traditional village lifestyle is not complete without the traditional way of eating. Wayanad resorts offer such cuisines to their guests as part of ayurvedic wellness programs as well as heritage tourism packages. The benefit of such eating habits is that they endorse vegetarianism and minimalism, both of which are ideal for thwarting most lifestyle diseases.

Unpolluted environment

The main attraction of a village is the unpolluted air, water, and soil it has. Wayanad is one of the places in the whole world where you have such an environment. Thus, tourists who want to experience the traditional village life at least once in their life flock to Wayanad resorts.

Family time away from distractions

Not having enough time to spend with your family is one of the major problems people face these days. Today's work culture and self-centered lifestyle are to blame for this situation. For someone who is seeking a traditional village lifestyle, spending time with your immediate family members and listening to them is necessary. Your village life experience is not complete without it.

Change from your regular environment

Don't even start, right? Our regular days are filled with a lot of pressure from work, family responsibilities, and many other things that need our special care. Checking in at a luxury resort in Wayanad to experience the traditional village living culture will help you forget all that for some days and focus on yourself, to dive deep into yourself, and find the real meaning of your life.


By the end of your traditional village living experience, you will learn to focus on the moment. You will realize that most things that worry you are far away in the past or the future, leaving you without any control over them. More than a factor that helps luxury resorts in Wayanad to provide a lifestyle based on traditional village living to their guests, mindfulness is the result of it. It is what you achieve through living your life like a villager for some days.

To summarise, Wayanad is a unique place in the western ghats, located in Kerala and adjacent to Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Many resorts in Wayanad offer wellness programs and leisure activities aimed at providing you with the goodness of traditional village living culture. Out of all these resorts, some distinguish themselves with unique packages and grandiose rooms with jacuzzis and a villa with a private pool. It is a nature resort in Wayanad that carefully brings together even the tiniest attributes of the rural lifestyle. Make sure you share your thoughts on traditional rural living with us on social media. Happy vacation!