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7 September 2023

How do resorts in Wayanad make your jungle safari special?

Especially when your family is accompanying you on the trip. Then you should be looking for the best resorts in Wayanad for family and sometimes couple-friendly resorts in Wayanad. Let us go through the other ways how resorts add value to your jungle safaris.

Stay with safety

A resort provides the most important thing you need in a jungle safari, which is a safe place to make your camp for the night. It is essential to make sure that the wild animals do not pose a threat to you during the night. Thus, jungle resorts in Wayanad bring everything that needs to survive the night in the wilderness under a single roof.

Ayurvedic treatments

Wellness has become one of the top reasons why people travel. As Wayanad is a top destination for traditional ayurvedic wellness treatment programs, luxury resorts in Wayanad have a wide range of treatment plans regardless of your age and physical state. The key to finding quality is to do your research before picking the best from the lot.

Luxurious lifestyle

Would you say no to luxury in the middle of an exotic jungle? Jungle resorts in Wayanad have all the premium amenities to make your jungle safari smooth and delightful, such as private pool villas, jacuzzis, restaurants, spacious rooms, and wellness facilities. Each of these ‘extras’ is carefully designed to perfection to attract more adventurers.

Exotic cuisines

Almost all resorts offer premium dining at their premises. The chefs and restaurant staff work hard to give their customers a ‘taste’ of the fanciest dishes. Varieties are available for those who stick to certain cuisines, ingredients, or ways of cooking as part of their lifestyle. Some resorts let you join the chef in the kitchen and learn the recipe! Now, isn’t that interesting?

Trained staff

In resorts, the difference in the quality of service is mostly determined by the competence of their employees. The staff needs to be trained to fit the requirements of the customers, which differs from one service to another. For instance, the needs of customers visiting couple-friendly resorts in Wayanad may vary from a resort with a private pool in Wayanad. Good management understands this issue and finetunes their manpower accordingly.


Privacy is the core attribute of your stay at a resort. A hotel or a backpacker’s hostel does not give you the level of privacy and thus the freedom to explore your own thoughts as a resort does. Most jungle resorts accommodate only a small number of people, like the private pool villas in Wayanad.

In a nutshell, you need a safe and beautiful luxury resort in Wayanad to forget everything that stresses you and fully enjoy your jungle safari. Resorts near the Kabini river are waiting for you with every amenities you can imagine. You can indulge in all kinds of luxury while feeling the excitement of jungle life. Please share your adventures with us on Facebook and Instagram. Bon, voyage!