kuruva island
7 September 2023

Adventure Sports Activities To Try In Wayanad

Are you an enthusiast of adventure sports? If yes, you must visit Wayanad. If not, then you must definitely take up an adventure sport and visit Wayanad. Let me explain why.

As living breathing human beings, we all carry around a desire for adventure, just like our early hunter gatherer ancestors. Studies have demonstrated how your performance at work and the quality of your personal life is connected with taking a vacation. Taking part in an adventure sports gives you a reason to distance yourself from routines and have that well deserved recharge for your spirit.

Situated in God's own country on the edge of the Deccan plateau, Wayanad has always attracted adventurers from across the world. They stop by, check in at one of the luxury resort in Wayanad and go around experiencing the adventures. Some of them are,

  • Mountain hiking

Wayanad is blessed with one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world, the Chembra peak. The 4 hours of hiking to the Chembra peak rewards you with mind blowing sceneries of nature. At the top you have the heart shaped lake which is the centrepiece of this trek.

Hiking trail to Banasura hills begins at the dam. This trail is interesting because of the increasing difficulty as you get closer to the summit. Beautiful meadows that feast your eyes along the way are the main attractions of this day long trek.

The view from the top of Thusharagiri is enough to revive your soul. A true masterpiece of nature, you pass jungles, grasslands and waterfalls on your way to the top.

Another hiking trail you must explore on your visit to Wayanad is the one to the top of Brahmagiri. There is a river hikers will encounter on the route where most halt for a snack. The trail becomes more challenging from the river onwards.

  • Jungle trekking

As the name suggests, Pakshipathalam is a sanctuary of migratory birds in the winter. Along with bird watching, you can enjoy the mystic beauty of Wayanad's hills, meadows and the caves along the way.

If you want to see the tea and spice plantations of Wayanad, a trek through the Kalladi forest is your best bet. Kalladi forest trek is for those who like to take a relaxed walk in nature.

  • Zipline

Wayanad has the longest zipline in Kerala, which is also the second longest in the whole south India. Ziplining is basically a flight over the trees and hills while you are tethered to a safe rope. It gives you the same feeling of a bird flying over the jungle, savouring the beauty below.

  • Boating

Graced with several water bodies, Wayanad should be on top of the bucket list of a boating lover. If you are up for a speed boat ride, Banasura sagar dam is the place to go. Speed boats here can accommodate 5 people and the slow ones take 20 passengers.

Kuruva island is a magnificent location in Wayanad where you can appreciate the boating experience to the fullest. Boats will show you around the water body surrounding Kuruvadweep. You can also stay at one of the top resorts in Wayanad situated at Kuruva island.

Wayanad offers you water adventures similar to boating like kayaking and rafting in its pure lakes and rivers. 

  • Night camping

What good is a trip to the jungle if you cannot camp for the night. Wayanad is the mecca of jungle camping in Kerala. Nature resorts in Wayanad offer night camping packages for the fans of living in the wild.

No mountain is too high and no cave is too dark for an adventurer. Each moment of adventure can give you memories to cherish for a lifetime. These experiences and memories uplift your spirit and energise your mind to face the challenges of life. Share with us the stories of your exploits in Wayanad on social media. As always, happy vacation!