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7 September 2023

10 Best Hiking Trails In Wayanad

Let me give you a challenge. Give me an adventure sport almost anyone can take up. It should pose minimal risk to the practitioners. And it should be popular across the world.

Hiking satisfies all the above conditions. Besides, it gives you the kick of curiosity, amusement, excitement, joy and satisfaction. The experience of losing yourself on a long walk in search of nature cannot be described through words.

The cryptic hill station of Wayanad in northern Kerala has almost a dozen hiking trails for adventurers to get lost in nature. Wayanad has several resorts with private pool villas for a secluded stay. Some of the most hiked trails of Wayanad are,

  • Chembra peak

Easily the highest point in Wayanad, Chembra stands at 2100m from sea level. Guided trekking is available to the summit where a heart shaped lake awaits you. The lush green meadows and misty hills of Wayanad can be best adored on the trek.

  • Banasura hiking trail

Banasura hill is the second highest peak in Wayanad. The trail starts from Banasura hill resort, from where one must walk 9km to reach the end point.  The hill is beautiful with its steep rocky topography. Besides, Banasura sagar dam which happens to be India's largest earth dam is another attraction of this trek.

  • Edakkal cave trek

One of the easiest treks in the world, Edakal cave trek is only 1.5km long. Trekking route is developed into stairs surrounded by coffee plantations. At the finishing point you have the natural caves. There are rock engravings dating back to 4000 BCE.

  • Brahmagiri peak

Only 1608m from sea level, the summit of Brahmagiri is a 10km hike from the forest station down below. Even though it only takes 3 hours for someone to conquer Brahmagiri on this trail, the majestic beauty of nature around the trail adds it to a must have in the bucket list of hikers. There are many resorts with private pools in Wayanad if you like to stay away from all the distractions on your hiking trip.

  • Soochipara falls trek

Also known as Sentinel rock waterfalls, Soochipara waterfalls are located in the Vellarimala hill ranges of Wayanad. A trek to the Soochipara falls is also an opportunity to relish the beauty of deciduous forest surrounding the trail. Don't forget to bring comfy shoes as the trek takes almost half an hour to complete.

  • Thusharagiri

Actually situated in Kozhikode district, Thusharagiri features a hiking trail leading to Vythiri in Wayanad. On your way to the finishing point, you will encounter four waterfalls made up of large boulders and pure mountain water flowing over it.

  • Pakshipathalam

The place is filled with different birds. Several species of migratory birds visit here. Interestingly you can find many caves around the hiking trail also. 'Pakshi' means bird and 'Pathalam' means the netherworld, thus the name 'Pakshipathalam'. The summit is at 1700m above sea level, which makes it one of the relatively easy hiking routes.

  • Meenmutty waterfalls trek

One of the easiest in the list, you need to trek 2km through dense forest to reach Meenmutty waterfalls. The fresh air and beautiful thick treeline are the hallmarks of this trek.

  • Kanthanpara waterfalls trek

Sandwiched by two majestic tea estates, Kanthanpara waterfalls is a place worth spending a full day. You need to hike for around two hours through the river bank to reach the magnificent beauty of Kanthanpara.

  • Kalladi forest hiking trail

There is a high chance that you will meet wild boars on this trek. The trailhead is at 'Swargakunnu'. The hike continues to its destination through a beautiful dense reserve forest. 

People have been hiking and exploring the world ever since the dawn of time. The best way to go back to your roots and find your real self is to experience nature in the same way our forefathers did. I’m confident that the hiking trails of Wayanad will give you that feeling. If you are a couple, some of the best honeymoon resorts in Wayanad offer hiking packages along with premium stay. Don’t forget to share your hiking stories with us on social media. Happy hiking!