kuruva island
7 September 2023

Your typical day in a jungle resort in Wayanad  

Start your day with a complimentary breakfast

Wake up to sweet bird chirps, and have breakfast that is a fusion of Wayanad’s tradition and modern cuisine. The sun is only starting to illuminate the jungle with its mild yet warm morning rays. The good thing is that the breakfast that you just enjoyed is completely on the house. 

Wellness treatment at an ayurvedic spa

In Kerala is the world’s favorite destination for wellness and seasonal ayurvedic treatments. Surprise your spouse with a traditional holistic ayurvedic treatment program at a honeymoon resort in Wayanad. Most of the top resorts in Wayanad have extensive ayurvedic treatment plans for those who suffer from different ailments related to lifestyle, old age, work, etc.

Jungle safari

What good is a trip to Wayanad without an expedition into the wild? Resorts near Kabini are ideal for experiencing safe guided jungle safaris. Wayanad has thick forests filled with exotic animal and bird species waiting to be explored by lovers of adventure from across the world. The interesting thing about jungle safaris is, that it’s on the walk through the wilderness most of us find the true meaning of life and our true self.


Wayanad is blessed with some of the best hiking trails in India, the most famous of them being the one to the top of Chembra peak. Trekking is both a journey of adventure and spiritual awakening. A walk through the breathtaking landscapes of Wayanad will help you get to your best shape while enjoying the goodies of one of the cleanest environments in the  world.


Jungle boating in Wayanad can be experienced in places like Kuruva Island, Pookkode lake, and Karalad lake. Boats of different sizes and functionality are waiting for tourists at these lakes. If you are a daredevil, you can choose to commandeer a boat yourself, without the help of a boatman. Large groups can hire boats with expert boatmen and all the safety measures.


It is only recently Wayanad got a zipline. Since then it has witnessed an ever-increasing number of visitors to the site. Suspended on a safe and strong rope, you can feel the clear mountain air blowing in your hair. The unique feeling of racing against the forest below you is what makes zipline rides admirable.


Most resorts in Wayanad for couples have jacuzzis built into the rooms. Read a good book while the hot water cleanses your pores or try some aromatherapy to lift your mood. Jacuzzis are well known for increasing your productivity and efficiency after a long tiring day of work.

Campfire and dinner

The final act of your day at a resort, a fun campfire with your fellow adventurers, and a dinner. Campfire is where life-long memories and friends are made through sharing stories and experiences by sitting around a burning fire.

In summary, nature resorts in Wayanad are the perfect places to enjoy your vacation and return home with a new body, mind, and soul. The natural beauty of Wayanad combined with the pure environment revitalizes you to take on the challenges that await you back home. Share the stories of your resort stay in Wayanad with us on Facebook and Instagram. Happy vacation to you!


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