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7 September 2023

How to gather information about resorts in Wayanad for your vacation

Please keep in mind that a resort with poor service may ruin your vacation even though everything else in the journey was perfect. Read further to get our special tips for finding the top resorts in Wayanad from the sea of available options in the beautiful Wayanad

Mind the location

The resort you are going to stay in must be located at a comfortable distance from the tourist attractions you are going to visit. Thus you will save a lot of time in your schedule, reducing the amount of time taken to reach each spot on your list.


Go through online reviews

Spare some time to visit some online portals. Scroll through the customer review sections of each resort in your wishlist and see what they say. Look at how they are describing each service provided by the resorts. Keep an eye on the number of stars given to each resort if you want to do a quick scan.


Availability of your favorite activities

Now, go to the website of the shortlisted resorts and see whether they offer the activities you are planning to complete during your excursion. If a resort is providing your desired leisure activities in their package, try to learn more about the time they allocate for each activity and clarify whether you have to pay extra for these activities.


Ask around

Now do some research among your close circles. Ask around whether your friends or relatives have visited the resorts which made your final list. If they have been a guest at one of these resorts near Kabini, ask them about everything from the food served at the resort to the best season to visit that particular resort.


Get in touch with a travel consultant

If none of your close friends and relatives stayed at the resort you picked, it’s time to bring a travel consultant. They will be having extensive knowledge about the quality of the services and past customer experience of these places.


Find the resort on social media

You can also get valuable information about the resort from social media. Go through the posts especially those with pictures and videos featuring the rooms, amenities, and guest activities.


Talk to the staff on the phone

The booking staff at each resort will be happy to help you find out whether their resort is a perfect fit for your stay in Wayanad. Before confirming the booking, you need to enquire about the type of amenities and outdoor adventure activities they conduct for their guests.


Finally, finding a quality resort that meets all your needs can be a complex task. You may be looking for resorts in Wayanad with pools or maybe the best resort in Wayanad for your family. By following the all-inclusive checklist we provided above, you can be sure that the resort you pick meets all your needs. Don’t forget to find us on social media and share your thoughts with us. Happy vacation!