kuruva island
7 September 2023

Deep Forest Resorts near Kabini

Wild safari

It has been thousands of years since mankind left the forest for a relaxed and secure lifestyle. Still, something deep inside us craves a walk among the giant trees and exotic beasts of the jungle. A wild safari is perfect to satiate this thirst we carry around. Nature resorts in Wayanad have predefined routes for safe guided jungle safaris. You can enjoy the jungle from up close watching live animals and plant species from a safe distance.

Sunrise trekking

Most treks begin in the morning as there is a lot of distance to be covered by the end of the day. But on a sunrise trek, you walk or take a jeep to a place from where you can watch the rising sun with all its might and grace. You will have to get up and be ready before sunrise. The resort staff will guide you to the location where you will have this breathtaking experience.

Swimming pool

You are in for a sublime experience if you stay at a resort with a private pool in Wayanad. Taking a swim in the crystal clear water in the middle of an exotic jungle is going to be otherworldly. Besides, swimming in a pool is much safer than taking a dip in a lake or river.

Candle light dinner

Are you visiting Wayanad with your spouse? If yes, then you should try the candlelight dinner by the best honeymoon resorts in Wayanad. Enjoy the personal space with your loved one while relishing the delicious food that is cooked by expert chefs just for you!

Indoor play area

Indoor play areas built by some luxury resorts in Wayanad are comparable to global standards. For those among the guests who need to get their heart rate higher and have an energy boost, there are tennis courts, basketball courts, etc. Trust me when I say that they are there to help you through homesickness!

Private pool villa

What if you need total privacy at the pool? You check in at a resort with a private pool villa in Wayanad. In such a facility, you don't have to worry about strangers joining you on the swim or having your private moments invaded by other guests of the resort.


Ayurvedic spa

Wellness tourism is fast becoming the main reason people travel to Wayanad. This reputation is well deserved too. Resorts in Wayanad are increasingly focusing on providing services to revitalize your body and soul by removing all the negativity from you.

Honeymoon suite with plunge pool and jacuzzi

Plunge pools and jacuzzis are fine examples of luxuries. Both of them only have enough space to accommodate a couple of people comfortably. While researching the best resorts for couples in Wayanad, make sure to look for elements like these to add spice to your romantic vacation.


Any day at a jungle resort near Kabini ends with a campfire. A fireplace is set up in an open space and people gather around the fire. Sharing stories and sometimes singing and dancing. It is said that people make long-lasting friendships at a campfire. You can also try your hand at barbequing some meat or fish near the campfire.

To sum up, finding the best resort near Kabini can be very tricky. You need to go through the list of packages, activities, and amenities the resort offers. Kuruva Island Resort is one of the best honeymoon resorts in Wayanad with everything to make your stay wonderful. With the natural beauty of Kuruva island around you and the Kabini river banks only a few kilometers away, you are going to enjoy your stay and go back home with a lot of sweet memories. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share the stories of your Jungle stay in Kabini. As always, happy vacation!