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7 September 2023

A day in Thirunelly, the hidden gem of Brahmagiri!

Thirunelly temple

Due to its significance as a pilgrimage site in Hinduism, the Thirunelly temple is called Dakshina Kasi. It is believed to be built over a thousand years back. It follows the same design pattern as most antique worship sites of Hinduism. It will take you only one day to explore this place fully if you are staying in one of the resorts near Mananthavady.


Brahmagiri range

Behold the mighty Brahmagiri range, to the north of Thirunelly temple. It is actually on this same mountain range of the Western Ghats the temple is situated. The notion that you are seeing the same Brahmagiri range you are standing on, far away from you will help you fully appreciate how majestic the Western ghats are.


Brahmagiri mountain range is also home to one of the most visited wildlife sanctuaries in India. Covering a total land area of 181 square km, the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary got its name from Brahmagiri park, which is the highest point in the sanctuary at 1608m. Bamboos, shola forests, grasslands, and evergreen and semi-evergreen forests form much of the plant life in the park. This beautiful landscape in Wayanad is surrounded by coffee estates and cardamom plantations.



A trekker’s paradise, Pakshipathalam is arguably the best hiking trail in the whole of India. While walking this path, you can feast your eyes with some uncommon bird species, which made these evergreen forests their home. This place is situated at an average elevation of 1700 m above sea level. There are some enigmatic caves at the northern end of the trail which are treasure coves of biodiversity. Giant Malabar squirrels and herds of gaurs are frequent sightings here.


Iruppu falls

Though not situated in Wayanad, Iruppu falls is only 30 km away from Thirunelly temple. The water gushing down the falls is collected in a natural pool where you can take a dip to refresh. There is also a forest area surrounding the waterfalls where you can take a walk and enjoy the abundant natural beauty.


To sum up, you should visit Thirunelly of Wayanad at least once in your lifetime. It’s a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers. The ancient temple of Thirunelly is a standing testament to glorious past Kerala had. Along with the temple, natural attractions like the nearby mountain ranges, Pakshipathalam, and Iruppu falls both of which are only a few kilometers away from Thirunelly. You can also find high-quality Ayurvedic spa resorts in Wayanad to stay and rejuvenate yourself during the vacation. Don’t forget to connect with us on social media and share us your stories of exploring the Thirunelly temple and its surroundings. Happy vacation to you!