Best Resort in Wayanad for Onam
kuruva island

Best Resort in Wayanad for Onam


Onam is certainly one of Kerala's greatest holidays, and visiting the state during the festival, watching the celebrations and customs, would undoubtedly provide you with the best travel experience you have ever had.

If you are considering a trip to Kerala during Onam, be sure you reserve your stay at a Kuruva Island Resort and Spa. Our Kerala resort is intended to ensure your comfort and delight.

Whether you want the peace and tranquillity of hill stations, the appeal of riverside , or the charm of heritage vibe, the resort guarantees a unique experience. Immerse yourself in well-appointed accommodation, contemporary conveniences, and a variety of recreational activities for a revitalising and enjoyable stay at  Kuruva which is the best resort in Kabini.

Enter the global festival of Onam, a celebration that exemplifies Kerala's rich history and traditions. You'll be carried away by the contagious enthusiasm that envelops the entire state as you immerse yourself in the festivities. As elaborate processions, exquisite flower arrangements known as 'pookalams,' and awe-inspiring performances take the stage, the streets come alive with a flood of colours. As families gather to indulge in elaborate traditional dinners served on banana leaves, the air is dense with the smells of magnificent feasts.

Imagine yourself during this panorama of cultural splendour, where age-old traditions blend with modern celebrations to create a genuinely unique and unforgettable experience. From experiencing stunning dance styles like Kathakali and Mohiniyattam to competing in friendly snake boat races, each moment promises to be an everlasting memory carved into the fabric of your travels.

As you consider taking this incredible journey to Kerala to experience the Onam festivities, allow us to introduce you to an oasis of comfort and luxury - the Kuruva Island Resort and Spa. Our resort, best resort in Wayanad for Onam, has Kerala's breathtaking landscapes, is precisely built to cater to your every whim and fancy, guaranteeing that your stay surpasses the usual and travels into the amazing.

Imagine waking up to the peaceful sounds of nature, surrounded by the quiet tranquillity of hill stations beckoning you to discover their secrets. Alternatively, you may succumb to the charm of riverbank vistas, where the soft lullaby of flowing streams becomes your constant companion, soothing your soul and revitalising your spirit. If you want to be immersed in the embrace of legacy, our resort flawlessly mixes the charm of tradition with modern luxury, providing an experience that resonates with the very spirit of Kerala.

Once you retire to your luxurious quarters, packed with every contemporary amenity imaginable, you'll find yourself on the verge of a world of possibilities. Engage in a plethora of recreational activities that have been meticulously chosen to cater to your every interest, ensuring that every time spent at the resort adds to your rejuvenation and pure delight.

In the end, the Onam celebration in Kerala is a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience that will enhance your soul and extend your perspectives. Taking this journey during the festival season provides a glimpse into the heart and spirit of Kerala's customs.

Kuruva Island Resort and Spa is ready to provide you with a sanctuary of luxury and pleasure to enhance this transforming experience. Allow the best resort in Wayanad to change your perspective on travel as you discover the wonder that only Onam in Kerala can provide.