Wellness Treatment And Stay In Wayanad During Monsoon
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Wellness Treatment And Stay In Wayanad During Monsoon

What’s happiness, would you call yourself happy when in a state of physical, mental and spiritual wellness?

To attain wellness is to thrive in your personal and professional life instead of just surviving the challenges life throws at you. The world is looking beyond modern medicine in hope of a balanced lifestyle. Ayurveda is a popular choice for those who chase peace and harmony through the ancient wisdom on wellness.

Why do you need an ayurvedic wellness treatment during the monsoon?

The natural equilibrium of your mind and body is disturbed by the change in seasons. Transition from one season to the next also increases the synthesis of metabolic. Ayurveda emphasises the importance of detoxification and bringing the body back to its natural equilibrium.

Humidity and low temperature during the monsoon season are the perfect conditions for germs to multiply. The lifestyle proposed by ayurveda prevents you from getting exposed to germs and insects that bring diseases.

Where can I find ayurvedic wellness treatment along with a retreat to nature?

Inspired by the centuries old healing wisdom of ayurveda, various resorts and spas offer wellness treatment to rejuvenate your body and mind during the monsoon season. Couple friendly resorts in Wayanad offer you and your family the caring touch of week long ayurveda wellness treatments.

What’s included in ayurvedic wellness treatment?

You need to make sure that the resort has qualified ayurvedic practitioners, therapists, and the necessary equipment for the treatment. Industry-leading ayurvedic wellness programs consists of the following elements,

  • Body massage

During the monsoon season, pores on your skin open up. This helps your skin suck up the medicinal oil. Massaging soothes your body and increases blood circulation. The ayurvedic term for a massage is ‘Abhyanga’. According to ancient Indian ayurveda scriptures, abhyanga reduces pain caused by worn-down joints. Besides, a massage can help you maintain your youthful appearance and give you better sleep by relaxing your nerves.

  • Steam

Steam treatment is a popular method used by several alternative medical systems across the world. Ayurveda has been employing steam treatment for thousands of years to heal conditions like, congestion in the respiratory system, skin problems, elevated blood pressure, breathing difficulties, muscle recovery, etc.

  • Detox

Detoxifying your body through a series of medications and therapy is a fundamental technique used by ayurveda to improve lives. According to ayurvedic scriptures, it is important to start each season with a detox regimen. Detoxing in regular intervals helps you minimise the effects of inflammation on your body. It also results in improved blood circulation and increased quality of sleep.

  • Diet

Ayurveda prescribes a diet that regulates the proliferation of toxins in your body. According to ayurveda, there are three human body types. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each body type is prescribed a list of food to include in the diet. There is another list of foods each body type should avoid from diet.

  • Lifestyle changes

To retain the positive effects of all medications and therapy for the long term, you need to make permanent changes in your lifestyle. Ayurveda emphasises the importance of practising restraint. To be able to enjoy life, you must master yourself first.

  • Opportunity to relish natural beauty

Treatment of the body is not enough when it comes to wellness. Your mind and body work together as a coherent system. When all the ailments of your body are taken care of, you must lose yourself in nature to find yourself again. That's why you need to pick one of the best resorts in Wayanad for family to get an ayurvedic wellness treatment.

To conclude, your health must always be your top priority. Everything else, including your performance at work, family life, hobbies, etc. revolve around your physical and mental health. You are most vulnerable to health issues during the monsoon season. That's when you need to find a resort with a private pool in Wayanad to rejuvenate yourself and hsve some fun. Happy vacation to you!