Fishing resorts in Kerala offer a unique experience for guests, as they not only provide the opportunity to fish but also allow them to stay in serene surroundings. One such fishing resort in Kerala is the Kuruva Island Resort & Spa, located in Wayanad. Our resort is situated on an island in the middle of the Kabini River and is surrounded by dense forests, making it an ideal location for fishing.

At Kuruva Island Resort & Spa, we offer a variety of fishing options, including hand-line fishing, which is a traditional method of fishing. We provide fishing gear and bait, and our experienced guides will accompany guests to the best fishing spots on the river. Our guides have an in-depth knowledge of the local fish species and their behaviour, making it easier for guests to catch fish.

We also offer boat rentals for guests who want to venture out into the backwaters for fishing. Our boats are equipped with fishing gear and are accompanied by experienced guides who can take guests to the best fishing spots. Guests can enjoy a peaceful day on the water, taking in the beautiful surroundings while waiting for the fish to bite.

In addition to fishing, our resort offers luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and a range of other activities such as kayaking, bird watching, and hiking. Guests can relax in the serene surroundings of our resort, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. We provide a range of amenities such as a swimming pool, spa, and fitness centre to ensure that our guests have a comfortable and memorable stay.

Resorts for fishing in Wayanad offer a great opportunity for anglers to catch a variety of fish, including barramundi, tilapia, and catfish. These resorts also provide a unique experience for guests as they get to stay in picturesque surroundings and enjoy a range of amenities and activities. Kerala's backwaters and rivers are teeming with fish, making it an ideal location for fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing Resorts in Kerala

In addition to recreational fishing, many fishing resorts also offer opportunities for commercial fishing. Fishing is an important industry in Kerala, and many resorts work in collaboration with local fishermen to provide fresh seafood to their guests. Some resorts even have their own fish farms or aquaculture systems, where they grow their own fish for consumption in their restaurants or for sale to local markets.

If you're looking for fishing resorts in Wayanad, you can consider Kuruva Island Resort & Spa. We offer a range of fishing experiences, from shore fishing to boat fishing, with the assistance of our experienced guides. Our resort provides a serene environment to relax and unwind while enjoying the thrill of fishing in the backwaters.

Fishing resorts at Kerala offer a range of accommodation options, from traditional homestays to luxury villas. Many of these resorts are eco-friendly and sustainably built, using local materials and practices to minimise their impact on the environment. Some resorts even offer activities such as birdwatching, kayaking, and cycling, in addition to fishing, to provide guests with a well-rounded experience.

Overall, fishing resorts offer a unique and unforgettable experience for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With their idyllic settings, top-notch facilities, and sustainable practices, these resorts provide an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Kerala while indulging in one of the oldest and most rewarding pastimes in the world. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to try something new, in Kerala are the perfect destination for your next fishing trip.

In conclusion, fishing is a popular recreational activity that can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. Fishing resorts offer a unique experience for guests as they provide the opportunity to fish in the beautiful surroundings of the backwaters and rivers. Kuruva Island Resort & Spa is one such resort that offers a range of fishing options, luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and a range of activities. Come and experience the thrill of fishing in Kerala with us!